Bible Classes for all Ages

Bible Study - 1 CorBible classes meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings to study a variety of textual and topical lessons. We strive to create an environment where needs and questions relating to the study can be addressed and discussed.

Classes are divided by age group to provide an opportunity for a more personal and interactive study of the Bible. Each class is conducted by a member of the congregation who works very hard on preparation and keeping participants involved.

Adult Classes

Post High School and Up

Two classes, one designed for those who prefer a smaller class environment and one that meets in the auditorium for those who prefer a larger class environment.  Class material is designed to build Bible knowledge and encourage class involvement, while making personal application.

High School 

Ninth – Twelfth Grade

Classes for students in the ninth through twelfth grades are designed to address specific spiritual challenges the student faces each day and build Bible knowledge.  During this very important time in their lives, students are not only taught the value of studying God’s word, but also taught that God’s word holds all the answers of life!

Middle School 

Sixth – Eighth Grade

Classes for students in the sixth through eighth are designed to help them win the daily battles young Christians must face.  In the middle school classes, we continue our commitment to reaching the heart and mind of each student by challenging them to think through their faith and build on the knowledge they gained in their previous Bible classes.


Second – Fifth Grade

Classes for students in the second through fifth grades study lessons from the Old and New Testaments.  Each class is designed to help the students increase their basic Bible knowledge and to become good Bible students.

Young Children

Children begin Bible class at the age of 18 months.  The children are divided into three classes based on age with subject matter designed to help shape their lives.

18 months – 2 years old

Children begin to learn how to be Bible class students.  They are taught age appropriate Bible lessons and participate in age appropriate Bible