Fairview Intern Program

For several years, the Fairview Park church has offered a special program to train evangelists.  The program lasts for one year, with an option for a second year if all parties agree.

Men entering the program will develop skills in sermon preparation, class teaching, and general public speaking.  The local preacher will work closely with the intern to study through
Meet the Fairview Interns
important Bible topics that will be a part of his future work.  The local preacher will also serve as a mentor for the young man, giving advice and encouragement to help him navigate the challenges of full-time preaching.  The program features extensive Bible study and a challenging schedule of outside reading to help develop mature, Bible-based thinking.

The intern is expected to be an active part of the Fairview Park church, building relationships with members of all ages and encouraging them in their walk with Jesus.  He will be a part of planning teaching events in the local work and meet regularly with the elders and deacons.

If you would like to be considered for this program, please contact one of the Elders or e-mail us from the Contact Page.

Preacher Training Schedule

Month 1—Preaching (Role of an Evangelist)

Month 2—Personal Development

Month 3—Personal Evangelism

Month 4—Calvinism

Month 5—Relating to People

Month 6—The Gospels

Month 7—Homosexuality and Gender Issues

Month 8—Preaching

Month 9—Paul’s Letters

Month 10—Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage

Month 11—Baptism

Month 12—Other Epistles

Month 13-14—Atheism

Month 15—Apocalyptic and Revelation

Month 16—Pentecostalism

Month 17—The Church

Month 18—Preaching

Month 19—Personal Development

Month 20—Conflict

Month 21-22—History

Month 23—Elders and Deacons

Month 24—Radical or Ordinary

Meet Our Interns