by Zack Howard

Noah's Ark on dry landThe story of Noah is an intriguing one to study, because it is very applicable in our society. He is faithful to God—when no one else is. He is obedient to God and does not question the way the ark is meant to be built, or how long he is supposed to stay on the ark. He and his family are saved from destruction for their faith. So how can we be like Noah in today’s world?

1. Our faith separates us from corruption (6.5-9)

This story begins with the corruption in the world. The people of the world were only focused on evil, and violence was throughout the earth. In our society, we read often about wickedness—people focused on their own desires and lusts, and fulfilling them no matter the cost to others. Their faith is in what the world has to offer them. If we are to be like Noah, then our faith should not be in the rewards of the world but rather the rewards of heaven. When our faith is in God, then we are separate from the world—meaning we have different hopes and goals that guide us. It makes us change what we focus on. Instead of focusing on selfish needs, we focus on what God expects of us, and on others. When we have faith like Noah does, we separate ourselves from the sin of the world.

2. Obedience should come without complaint. (6.22-7.10)

Obedience plays a major role in the account. In today’s world, most expectations or favors come with complaint—“that takes too much of my time away” or “I don’t see a point in doing that if I don’t have too.” There is an emphasis on selfishness in today’s culture. If we learn from Noah we can see a completely opposite attitude: obedience without complaint. We never read of any irritation on Noah’s part, or any disgust of what God asks of him. Rather, Noah obeys and is blessed for it. In our society, we must remember that everything is not about ourselves. We must learn to obey our bosses, parents, or teachers without complaint.

3. God blesses those who trust in him. (9.1-17)

Finally, we can see from Noah’s story that God blesses him for his trust. If we are willing to obey without complaint, or live a life of faith, then God has promised us an eternal reward to look forward too. God blesses Noah for his trust throughout this story. He saves him from the destruction of the world, gives him dominance over the animals, and blesses his lineage. In our society, it is easy for us to doubt that we will be blessed for our trust. Influences from others who don’t have the same faith that we do, stress from our jobs or school, temptations around us. This requires us to trust in God’s promises. If we do so, he will remember us like he remembered Noah on the Ark.

Noah teaches us how to deal with a difficult world, how to keep our faith in God during difficult times, and how obedience should come without complaint.

Last modification: Wed 13 Jun 2018