Sin Destroys Families

by Jacob Hudgins

sin destroys familiesFamily is a beautiful thing. After the deep ache of loneliness, imagine how excited Adam must have been to see Eve, a companion and helper. Imagine their pure joy at holding little Cain for the first time, then adding a little brother for him. Proud parents and sweet children—the boys grow up, play together, and become close. Then one day, no one can find Abel, Cain becomes a vagabond, and the family is destroyed. What happened? “The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground”(Gen 4:11). Sin destroys families.

Sin is horrible in its own right. It has real consequences for our souls, causes God’s name to be blasphemed, and leads others to do wrong. But the Bible teaches us that sin has a catastrophic impact on those we love most.

Ask Lot, who saw sin take his sons-in-law and his wife—and whose own incestuous sin made a horrible end for a righteous man’s family. Ask Jacob and Esau about deceit and scheming and its effects on their family. Ask Laban, whose double-dealing made his own daughters want to leave. Ask Joseph and his brothers whether sin hurt their family.

Fast forward to Achan, who brought his stolen gain into his tent and caused his family to be killed with him. Ananias and Sapphira met their end together because of their sin. Even David was told, “the sword shall never depart from your house”(2 Sam 12:10), a prophecy we sadly see fulfilled in his own children.

What is the lesson? We are often lured into thinking that no one will know if we sin, and that it will affect no one but ourselves. This cannot be true. The Bible record is too unanimous to be misunderstood. Sin will take its toll, and it will be on the innocent victims we love most. If we are unconvinced by the pleadings of God’s word, if fear for our own soul does not move us, perhaps the last straw is an appeal to the people we love most and spend most of our time working to help. Think twice. Sin destroys families!

Last modification: Thu 21 Mar 2019