God Never Gives Up on Us

by Brent Dyer

Field of corn at sunriseThe Devil wants to disrupt God’s redemptive plans, but God will not listen. Although Satan can never defeat God head on, he often encourages God to give up on humanity. Since the garden Satan has been trying to disrupt the relationship that God and His people share. He wants to convince God that this world is beyond saving, but God will never quit.

In Zechariah 3, Satan tries to convince God to give up on His remnant. Satan accuses Joshua, the High Priest, of being unclean. This is a major problem. If the High Priest is unclean, he cannot consecrate the altar, and if the altar cannot be consecrated, no one, including the High Priest can be cleansed. Without divine intervention, the people are irreparably impure. Rather than giving up, God solves the problem by symbolically removing Joshua’s defiled robes and giving him pure ones. God always makes a way for His people to be saved. God never gives up on His people.

In Matthew 13 we see Satan trying the same thing in Jesus’s parable of the field. A master (God) plants good seed in his field (the world), but when night falls his enemy (Satan) comes and plants bad seed in that field. When this becomes apparent, the servants ask whether they should get rid of the weeds, but the master says to let them grow together until the harvest time (judgement) when they will be separated. The basic meaning is clear. Satan is at work in the world and mixes in bad people with the good; at the end of time all will be judged for their deeds. Satan hoped that God would destroy the good with the bad, but God will not fall for Satan’s tricks. He refuses to give up on His people.

Despite Satan’s best efforts to make God give up on His people, God refuses to do so. He cares too much about His people. The world is full of evil, but no matter how bad it gets, God will not destroy the righteous with the evil. He gave Noah a boat; He gave Lot a head start. He promises us that at the end of time we will be judged and if we are found righteous in His sight, we will gain heaven. No amount of evil in the world will derail God’s plan. No amount of Satan’s accusations will change His mind. God never gives up on us!

Last modification: Thu 16 Jul 2020