Lawrence Kelley

Lawrence KelleyFairview Park hosted a series of Gospel Meetings with Lawrence Kelley August 1 -5, 2021. Lawrence is an evangelist at the Glen Springs Church of Christ in Gainsville, Florida.

Born and raised in Amarillo, Texas in 1968, following high school, Lawrence Kelley studied at the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Alabama.  While in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, he began preaching, working with the Southside congregation in Pasadena, Texas in 1990 in their young preacher training program.

The individual topics for this series were as follows (click on a topic title to watch or listen to the study:

Gospel Meeting Lessons

8/1 – Sunday AssemblyCreating Margin (Part 1) – Time
8/2 – Sunday Worship Creating Margin (Part 2) – Money
– When The Waves Keep Coming –
How to Keep From Going Under When Life Get’s Rough Series
8/2 – MondayIt’s Not Supposed to be This Way
8/3 – TuesdayI Don’t Have to do This Alone
8/4 – WednesdayGod’s Not Indifferent
8/5 – ThursdayThis Life’s Not Ultimate