Evangelist Training Program

Intern Program

The church of Christ at Fairview Park conducts an excellent preacher internship program designed to train and develop young men aspiring to become evangelists in the Lord's Church. This internship takes place over a three to four month period each summer.

The Elders are very excited about this program and believe it is successful in helping young preachers develop the qualities they need in pursuing the work of a minister. This mentoring session provides an invaluable experience to both young ministers and our congregation as well.

Each summer, the Elders will select an intern to work under their leadership and direct supervision. These Elders have the time, expertise, desire, and experience to provide practical training in the work of an evangelist. Not only will the Elders be directly involved in this process, our local minister will also provide guidance and support.

The intern will be very involved with the congregation and will be expected to participate in all aspects of the ministry, intern link2such as regular participation in the life of the congregation through the roles of preacher and Bible class teacher. As a student, the intern will be required to engage in extensive Bible study and reflection both alone and with his mentor. As a young Christian, the intern will be actively involved in fellowship with other young Christians in the area. The intern will also receive valuable guidance in personal areas such as financial planning.

If you would like to be considered for this program, please contact one of the Elders or e-mail us from the Contact Page.


  • Study Program

    • Sermon Preparation
      The Trainee will be required to prepare at least one sermon each week. More may be required depending on the invitations from other local congregations the Trainee decides to accept.
        • Reading Program
          The Trainee will be required to develop an extensive Scripture reading plan as overseen by the elders. In addition, the Trainee will be given a list of books from which to choose in developing a reading plan from sources other than the Scriptures. Depending on the books selected, the Trainee will be expected to complete about one book each week.
    • Work-Study Program
      The Trainee will be required to outline each chapter in the New Testament books of: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts.
  • Work Plan - Public

    • Preaching
      The Trainee will have the opportunity to preach at various times at this congregation. In addition, when invited to speak at other local congregations, the Trainee will be free to accept as many appointments as he can keep as long as he can still fulfill all aspects of this program.
    • Bible Class Teaching
      The Trainee will make himself available to teach various Bible classes, as may be requested/assigned by the elders and deacons.
  • Work Plan - Private

    • Visitation
      To learn more about personal work, the Trainee will be required to make several personal visits throughout the duration of this program. An elder or deacon will accompany him on these visits. He will also make a record of these personal contacts with a follow-up report being made to the elders. Accompanied by our evangelist, the Trainee will also be required to visit those of this congregation who are elderly or who may be hospitalized.
    • Publications
      For the duration of this program, the Trainee will be required to write various articles for this congregation's monthly publications.
    • Meetings
      To learn more about the inner workings of a local congregation, the Trainee will be required to attend monthly group meetings with the elders, deacons, and evangelist.
    • Personal Planning
      With the assistance from our evangelist and others as needed, the Trainee will fully acquaint himself with personal planning in areas such as: insurance, hospitalization, taxes, social security, retirement, and estate development.


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