Bible Classes

Classes for all Ages

In every Bible class we offer, it is our main goal to teach God's Word and provide encouragement and answers to help each student reach the full potential God calls thembible-class-page-pic-2
too. We strive to create an environment where needs and questions relating to the study can be addressed and discussed openly so everyone can get the most out of class.

Each week on Sunday and Wednesday, we offer 45 minute classes for students aged 18 months and up. Our small group studies provide an opportunity for a more personal and interactive study of the Bible. Teachers are given the freedom to teach according to their own style, but each of them work very hard to present the material in an effective way that is conducive for class participation.

Click through "Bible Classes" links on this page for details about the different classes available for you and your family. More importantly we hope you will take the time to come visit us to experience first hand how rewarding studying God's Word together can be.

Last modification: Fri 12 Jun 2015