Toddler/Kids Classes

Bible Classes for Young Children

Children begin Bible class when they turn 18 months old. From 18 months through the 1st grade, children are typically divided into four classes on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. All classes are taught by members of the congregation who work hard to be prepared for class and take a special interest in shaping the lives of these children.

In Class 1, children are taught age appropriate Bible lessons and lead in activities, singing, praise and prayer as they begin to learn to be Bible class students.

In Class 2, children will be taught topical Bible studies geared toward going through the Bible chronologically. Class periods include age appropriate Bible lessons, activities, singing, praise and prayer.

In Class 3, children begin a series of study in a Bible class workbook.

Class 4 includes children in Kindergarten and 1st grade and includes a continuation of study in a Bible class workbook with lessons designed to prepare the children to graduate to our Bible Lab.


Last modification: Fri 12 Jun 2015