Twelve lessons recorded October – December 2020 by Jacob Hudgins on how to study the Bible.

The lesson title is a link to the video.

Lesson notes available for all lessons and PowerPoint slides for lessons 6-12 due to online presentation.

All links open in a new browser window.

  1. Introduction    (Lesson Notes)     (1 Peter)
  2. The Big Picture: Read All the Way Through    (Lesson Notes)
  3. The Big Picture: Identify Genre/Literary Type and Style    (Lesson Notes)
  4. The Big Picture: Tell the Story of the Book    (Lesson Notes)
  5. Digging In: Define the Problem    (Lesson Notes)
  6. Digging In: Notice What’s Weird    (Lesson Notes)  (Slides)
  7. Digging In: Notice What’s Repeated    (Lesson Notes)  (Slides)
  8. Digging In: Trace the Argument    (Lesson Notes)   (Slides)
  9. Make It Real: The First Application Is to Me  (Lesson Notes)  (Slides – Lessons 9 and 10)
  10. Make It Real: Where Have I Seen This?   (Lesson Notes)
    (NOTE: Lessons 9 and 10 presented in one video)
  11. Make It Real: Look for Light Bulbs   (Lesson Notes)    (Slides – Lessons 11 and 12)
  12. Make It Real: Know God Better   (Lesson Notes)
    (NOTE: Lessons 11 and 12 presented in one video)