2018 Gospel Meeting

Russ Bowman

Russ BowmanFairview Park is hosting a series of Gospel Meetings with Russ Bowman July 29 - August 2, 2018. Russ has been preaching for over thirty-five years.  For the past twenty-five years, he has worked as an evangelist with the Northwest Church of Christ in Beaumont, Texas.  He has also taught in India and the Czech Republic and contributes to numerous journals, papers, and books. He is a proponent of a careful and thoughtful consideration of the text, with a view toward practical application in the life of the disciple.

Russ received degrees from Florida College (AA 1982; Bible Certificate 1983) and the University of Houston (BA 1985 in Speech Communication).  He and his wife, Tracy, live in Lumberton, Texas and have three daughters - Haley, Tori, and Emily. Russ is an avid hunter, fisherman, and loves to play golf, but his true passion is found in his family and his Lord. 


Scheduled Gospel Meeting Topics

Sunday Assembly, 7/29      
Sunday Class, 7/29
Sunday Worship, 7/29
Monday, 7/30
Tuesday, 7/31
Wednesday, 8/1
Thursday, 8/2
A Deadly Serpent
Seek First the Kingdom
Except God Be with Him
Are You Sure?
Encouraging Godliness in Our Children
Being Your Brother's Keeper
The Thief on the Cross

Topic titles will link to more on that study following its presentation.

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