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live stream iconIf you experience problems viewing the Fairview live stream, this page may help.

Fairview Website

To view the live stream on the Fairview website, go to the “Fairview Watch Live” page. You may also use this backup streaming page The player may take a few extra seconds to load.

If we are streaming when you access the page, the player should begin playing the live video. Depending on your viewing device (phone, tablet, or computer), the audio may be muted. If the video does not begin playing, click the “play” arrow on the video player. If you still experience problems, please try the Fairview Facebook page (information below).

To view a previous live stream video, see the list of the most recent services as well as the live broadcast (the words “Off Air” appear when we are not live streaming). To view a previous service, click the "Video" button to load the selected service into the player. It will begin to play after a few moments. Depending on your viewing device, the audio may be muted.

If you prefer, you can listen to the audio by clicking the “audio” button. You can also download the video and/or audio for a service.

Live Streaming Players

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Player on Fairview Website

fairview website streaming example

Backup Player Page

Live stream full page


In addition to viewing the live stream on the Fairview website, services are now simulcast on both Fairview Facebook pages: and Facebook Fairview live stream

Once on the Fairview Facebook page, look for the post "plans to go live" post with the day and time of the next live stream service. If you are not signed into your Facebook account, the time listed will be Pacific time (example at right), not Central time.  Once signed into your account, the correct Central time will display.

Once the live stream has ended, you can find the video by clicking on the “Videos” link in the navigation menu on the left side of the page. On the Videos page, you will see “All Videos.” The most recent will be at the top left of the videos.

Be aware that the audio may be muted depending on the device you are using to access Facebook.

Help for using Chromecast to send the video to your TV.

Last modification: Fri 27 Mar 2020